Supported initiatives

These are some initiatives and projects I support and/or want to promote. Mostly academic stuff. Check them out, join, promote, contribute.

  • Keep track of your peer-reviewing activities. Get the recognition you deserve for keeping watch over science and research.
  • Open Access: Publish in Open Access journals. Or if you work at a Dutch University, within these agreements with academic publishers.
  • SocArXiv: Open archive of the social sciences. Upload your working papers, theses, and make yourself read. Preprints are coming for the social sciences as well, get ahead of it.
  • Sci-hub: Need to download an article and don’t have access to it? Sci-hub will help you. And yes, you should have access to all scientific research available, especially if publicly funded, like mine. If you want to know more about this movement in Academia, start by reading Aaron Swartz’s Guerilla Open Access Manifesto (then read more here, here and here). Then make your research available (I’m working on that with some of my own, and feel free to ask me for any PDFs I still can’t upload here). Support sci-hub by making a donation on their webpage.
  • #MeTooPhD: Because it’s 2018. Yes, sexism and sexual harassment are a big deal in academia (check here and here). I’m up for joining/supporting any initiatives on the subject, and mostly, let’s keep an eye open and #CallItOut when it happens.
  • Stress/depression during PhD: even in the Netherlands, where labour conditions for PhDs are rather good, this is a problem. We have already studies showing how grave this issue is (here and here), and we also have tons of people giving advice (here and here). I still don’t know a broader initiative to tackle this problem, so what I can say now to PhDs facing such problems is: reach out. I’ve gone through a rough patch myself (even if I got rather lucky), and I would love to help.
  • more to come…