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Eiró F. & Koster M. (forthcoming). Facing Bureaucratic Uncertainty in the Bolsa Família Program: Clientelism beyond reciprocity and economic rationality. Focaal. Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology.

Sabourin E. & Eiró F. Développement territorial et lutte contre la pauvreté au Brésil : politiques d’inclusion, pratiques d’exclusion. In: Bonnal, P., Poncet, C. (orgs), Territorialisation du social, territorialisation de l’action publique Regards pluridisciplinaires. Montpellier: Presses Universitaires de Méditerranée.

I support Open Access and most of my writings can be downloaded via the links provided here. Unfortunately, I’m still bound to some obligations that make it impossible for me to upload some PDFs. If you can’t find/don’t have access to any of them, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you a copy.